HANOVER, Pa. (WHTM) — A locally owned brewpub recently announced that they will soon be expanding, and opening a second location in Hanover.

Aldus Brewing Company was founded in Hanover back in 2013 and the business is owned and operated by a husband and wife duo named, Jason and Kate Mininger. According to Jason, his wife is a Hanover native and he is originally from Philadelphia. The couple moved to Baltimore, Maryland together before moving back home to the Midstate in 2012.

“We really missed home and we basically were visiting home every weekend anyways,” Jason added.

After moving home to Hanover, the couple decided that it was time to begin making plans to open the Aldus Brewing Company, which is named in honor of the 15th-century Aldus Manutis, who is the inventor of the Aldus Press and was most known for publishing and sharing rare texts from history.

Aldus Brewing Company’s slogan is “Make haste slowly,” which was said by Manutis back in 1495. According to Jason, this slogan represents his company’s deliberate and methodical approach to their brewing process.

The Miningers opened their debut location at 555 Centennial Avenue in Hanover back in October of 2014. According to Jason, before construction, the new Aldus Brewing Company was going to only be a “package brewery”, that would focus on producing beers and kegs, with no other entertainments or features attached.

After some friendly encouragement and ample interest from the surrounding community, the Miningers decided to make the Aldus Brewing Company a sit-down brewpub.

Over the years, Aldus Brewing Company grew in popularity, which contributed to their need to expand and acquire a larger space.

“We’ve outgrown the brewpub for years,” Jason explained. “We either needed a new building or we were going to have to figure something else out.”

In the coming weeks, the owners of the Aldus Brewing Company will be unveiling their newest location called The Dolphin & Anchor Pub, which will be located at 13 Center Square, about a mile down the road from the brewery’s current location.

It should be noted that this new location is the third oldest building in all of Hanover, York County.

According to Jason, the approximately 5,000-square-foot building will soon become the company’s flagship location. The Dolphin & Anchor Pub will feature all of Aldus Brewing Company’s famous brews, but will also feature a new full-sized kitchen.

Additionally, the owners plan on building an official wine cellar that will be stocked with the best Pennsylvania-made wines around. According to Jason, customers will have much more elbow room and they will be able to seat about 100 guests at a time.

Upon opening the new Dolphin & Anchor Pub, the Miningers will then transform their current location at 555 Centennial Avenue into a full-time beer production facility.

The new Dolphin & Anchor Pub will have a soft opening at some point in September, followed by its grand opening on October 20. According to Jason, the new location is anticipating its hours of operation to be:

  • Tuesdays – Saturdays // Noon to 12 p.m.

“It feels terrific [to open soon],” Jason exclaimed. “It is always a little scary to go into a new venture, but I am honestly just super excited to have this new space to share with our customers – this was a true work of love.”

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