(WHTM) — Maybe you’re a dog person, maybe you’re a cat person, maybe you’re not a pet person at all. Wherever you fall, across Pennsylvania thousands of working animals make our lives safer, easier or healthier every day.

“You know, animals are a part of our life,” said Senator Doug Mastriano.

Mastriano and the Pennsylvania State Working Animal Foundation wanted to show their appreciation.

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“People don’t realize just how many animals are used in the service of our state and our community, and so this event here we have people we asked to come on down and showcase what they do for the community. Supporting law enforcement, you know, helping him to find kids that are lost out in the woods I mean it’s amazing,” said Mastriano.

From police and military K9s to search and rescue dogs and horses, service dogs and therapy animals all got the love.

“I think the bond, when you’re working with one of these animals, between the handler and the canine or the equine or whatever species it is just incredible,” said Terri Heck, president of Pennsylvania State Working Animal Foundation.

Estimates show more than half a million service animals across the United States, with thousands more emotional support animals.

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Service animals usually make everyone’s lives easier but for some, they do more than that.

“Best feeling, whether somebody lives alone or not it’s always a welcoming committee when you get home. It’s a constant that they’re for you. You might not feel like getting up in the morning, but you have to get up and feed the cat or walk the dog or whatever. It gets you moving and they bring a smile to your face no matter what else is going on,” said Heck.

This isn’t the first time an event like this has come to the Capitol, but organizers say any time with a working animal is time well spent.

“For the short time that they get to be impacted by this animal it takes away some of the stresses that they’re dealing with and allows them to just chill a little bit it calms people down,” said Heck.