CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) — Meet the dog behind what might be the cutest yearbook photo in Camp Hill Schools’ yearbooks: K9 Detective Gibbs.

Detective Gibbs is the first ever K9 facility dog in the Camp Hill School District. Honor 25: The Jonathan Fagan Memoral Scholarship paid for the cost and care of Gibbs.

Courtesy of Camp Hill Police Department

According to the scholarship’s website, the golden retriever was trained by Phoenix Assistance Dogs and honors the memory of Jonathan Fagan, who was a Camp Hill High School graduate that passed away in 2019 due to anaphylactic shock.

Detective Gibbs joined the Camp Hill Police Department in July 2021, partnering with School Resource Officer Joe Capers.

“I was looking for a better way, maybe, to connect with the kids and be more approachable,” Capers said. “Sometimes they see a police officer walking down the halls, and I wanted something to break down the barrier.”

Capers’ said Gibbs’ outgoing, people-loving personality is perfect for the job.

“[Kids] will come up to me, talk to me more, even when school’s not in session,” Capers said of the Camp Hill students.

The pair spends their days welcoming kids into school and bringing smiles and cuddles to the classroom.

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“We would stand out front and as the kids are walking in the front door, they would be greeted by his furry face and wagging tail, and hopefully that puts them in a good mood for the day,” Capers said. “I hear from kids that might not be having the best day, they say, ‘He’s the only reason I came to school’ or ‘He’s the best part of my day,’ and that’s kind of what we were hoping.”

Capers said it was the students who had the idea of putting Gibbs in the yearbook when they were taking yearbook photos. Now, Gibbs’ photo will appear in yearbooks for all Camp Hill Schools.

“Hopefully, by the end of the year, we’ll have something that he can even autograph the yearbook for the kids,” Capers said.

Gibbs will also make an appearance in spring at the high school prom.