HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — If you drive in or out of Harrisburg in the morning, you’ve likely come by a friendly face. Jordan Dandy is brightening people’s days with positive signs, his huge smile and a whole lot of waves.

There is lots of beeping near the Harvey Taylor Bridge in the morning, but it’s not the angry kind of beeping many are used to.

You could feel the warmth and happiness when Dandy is standing outside.

What he does is so simple, but so kind and unifying.

“Good morning,” Dandy says, dozens of times to different people passing by in their cars and on foot.

He smiles at a van of kids ands says, “have a good day at school!”

Dandy is a kind kickstarter to thousand’s of people’s days.

“Bless you both,” Dandy says to another car. “Have a good day.”

Dandy stands at the intersection of Forster and Front streets in Harrisburg from 7 to 9 a.m., sometimes later. He only takes off Sundays for church.

“I feel like God wanted me to come out here and just show some love and and uplift people,” said Dandy.

The 26-year-old has been doing this since the beginning of September, and plans to continue until Election Day.

Between the pandemic and political tensions, the Harrisburg-native figured his community could use some light.

“Just out here trying to give people some smiles maybe, or even something to think about that’s positive as they’re on their way to a job they don’t like or just the daily struggles,” said Dandy.

His efforts are paying off.

“Thank you,” a driver says as she puts her hand to her heart. “This morning, you got me.”

Dandy’s signs are meaningful.

“Go love someone different,” Dandy says as he reads his signs. “Red or blue, I love you, which is a little cheesy but I feel like right now with the political climate, it’s a good one.”

Some signs, like “you’re worthy of love,” spark conversations.

“I see a lot of parents like mouthing it to their kids,” said Dandy.

Dandy never knows what kind of response he’s going to get.

One driver stopped to pray with him.

“In Jesus’ name, Amen,” said the man.

“Man, thank you,” said Dandy.

Sometimes Dandy is even surprised when people give back to him.

Two women caught him off-guard when they handed him a gift card.

“We appreciate you,” one of them said.

Humbly, Dandy replied, “Thank you. Thank you.”

But gifts aren’t what Dandy is looking for; his focus is always others.

“Once you see a face every single day, even though I’m not in the car with them or actually know them personally, you start building a relationship with people,” said Dandy.

“It’s good to see you,” said another driver.

“I appreciate you,” Dandy said back.

Come November 3, Dandy will return to being a full-time musician.

His band with his brother is called “Dandy.”

Dandy says if you take away anything from his presence, remember to be intentional with others, even strangers.

You’ll be shocked by the difference it can make.

“Hopefully it’s contagious. Just do little acts of kindness,” said Dandy. “It’s not all bad out there and that there is hope.”

Many are going to miss Dandy once he wraps up this project. If you want to keep in touch, you can check out his band Dandy’s Facebook and Instagram pages.