HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – People across the country and the Midstate will celebrate the 4th of July! It’s a day people like to gather, grill, and then light off fireworks. 

It is important to remember that not all places in our state have the same firework laws.  

Even within different counties, townships, and cities have their own ordinances.

Midstate Fire and EMS officials are warning that with the celebrations could come preventable accidents, if you are not careful.

York County Emergency Services Director Ted Czech says these incidents can and should be avoided.  The Harrisburg City Fire Chief Brian Enterline said to only light one firework off at a time and back away.  

Czech said even with the rain we have seen, the state is teetering on the line of burn bans right now and saving resources for emergencies that can’t be avoided is their goal. 

“This year in Pennsylvania we have had 8,500 acres burned and that’s more than triple the previous year,” said Czech.

Both said to never mix the use of fireworks with the consumption of alcohol, medications or any other substance, and not to “risk” it with the police or yourself.  

“Those simple mistakes that you make to lead to that catastrophic event directly affects those first responders, those first responders then have to leave and come take care of the accident that you created that was preventable,” said Enterline.

Nationally, there were 11,500 firework related injuries in 20-21. The national report also shows that sparkler related injuries have increased by 120% since 2018.