LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Lancaster County has a large and growing Latino population, which means their votes are very important – as long as they get to the polls.

Grassroot groups like CASA in Action have been working around the clock to mobilize Latinos and help swing Pennsylvania blue.

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“Black and brown voters have historically had their voices suppressed and it is so important that we make sure they know their voices are heard.  Having the ability to put into power, into office individuals who will advocate for things that are of importance to them like immigration, education,” said Rosemary Cintron, PA Voter Engagement Manager for CASA in Action.

Latinos are an increasingly important voting bloc, growing both in size and political clout.  In Pennsylvania, they are one million strong like Ace Rodriguez. He’s been a barber for twenty years. He says the biggest issue on his mind is inflation, because it’s affecting business.

“A lot of things went up. Prices on all my supplies is up, and customers don’t come in like they used to because a lot of them don’t make enough money like they were making before,” said Ace Rodriguez, barber at Mestre Barbershop in Lancaster.

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Rodriguez doesn’t lean one way or the other. He says he just wants someone to get the job done.

“I think it was way better under Trump than it is under Biden and that’s just me,” Rodriguez said.

For other Lancaster Latinos, jobs are top of mind.

“Finding a good job man. That’s hard. I mean I’ve been with the company for so long. I mean I haven’t seen any kind of  money or any kind of growth,” said Mark, of Lancaster.

He’s registered but wasn’t planning to vote. CASA in Action changed his mind.

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“In the other election, I didn’t really vote, and it’s because out of fear. You don’t want to vote and get the wrong person and in the long run we hurt ourselves,” Mark added.