HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A huge tree stump in Midtown is now the center of attention.

This was after a four-day removal process of the massive tree removal.

The tree had damaged several homes in the area but homeowners are wondering what will happen next when it comes to repairs.

“It had its life of its own,” neighbor Souad Chadli said.

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Road closure signs, barricades, and heavy chunks of wood are all gone and all that’s left of a once mighty 80-year-old tree, is a huge stump.

“Just it’s a memory now because this tree just the size of the trunk you can see how long it’s been growing in this area,” Chadli said.

Homeowners say the loss of the tree came with plenty of upsides.

“It far outweighs the shade and everything this is more beneficial again I’m having light in my kitchen I’ve never seen before,” neighbor Charlie Feathers said.

“It’s kinda sad to see it gone, but in a way there’s so much more sunlight now because it was taking a lot of sunlight out of the house so kinda sad to see it go but I’m appreciating the sunlight that just shined in the house,” Chadli said.

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It took a huge team of PPL workers to safely remove the tree with a 100-ton crane.

“I thought it was executed extremely well everything went pretty much without a hitch considering all the pieces taken the wires came down nobody was hurt everyone was respectful,” Feathers said

Neighbors had to endure power outages and lost parking spaces but they say it was well worth it to get rid of a tree that had caused a lot of damage to their homes.

“It’s branches were touching every single one of our neighbor’s houses,” Chadli said.

Love it or hate it, they have this stump to remember the tree by.

“It was time for the tree to come down so there was really no choice in the matter I love the tree,” Feathers said.

PPL says it will be back in the neighborhood again next week to fix up any backyards that were affected during the tree removal.

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