(WHTM)– The Milton Hershey School is celebrating Founder’s Week with a long-lost piece of history.

Founder’s Hall opened in 1970 with plans for the dome-shaped building taking shape years before. And now a dinner napkin with a doodle of Founder’s Hall, dated three years earlier has been recovered.

The daughter of the architect of Founder’s Hall recently found the napkin doodle while going through his stuff. Historians knew the napkin existed but never had the actual sketch until now.

“Well I get this phone call out of the blue, I could hardly believe it, very very excited about this napkin, because I told people about it, we actually have an old-fashioned really bad quality Xerox copy of it, so we kinda knew what it looked like, but to have the real authentic piece, an artifact if you will,” Milton Hershey School History consultant Susan Alger said. “It’s just huge it real is.”

The napkin doodle discovery came at the perfect time. It was 100 years ago that news broke of Milton Hershey donating his fortune to the school.