HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Dozens of people in Harrisburg living under the Mulberry Street bridge are packing their bags and moving from the encampment as the city prepares to clean it.

Two weeks ago, there were roughly 60 people living in the encampment. As of Saturday afternoon, that number is now down to about 10 people.

For the past few days, residents have been packing and getting ready to move to a new location. The city hasn’t disclosed where that is yet, but said it’s a clean space that people can head to immediately.

Volunteers that spoke to ABC27 on Saturday have been out at the bridge helping people move their belongings, making sure everyone has a safe place to go, no matter if it is a shelter or the city’s designated locations.

“My executive director asked me to check on folks who weren’t quite ready yet. They have a plan, they actually reached back out to me for help and I say ‘okay show me what you’re packing and I’ll let the group know you’re ready to go’, and then we’ll make sure we have some trucks here for them tomorrow,” Aisha Mobley of Christan Churches United said.