HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Sunday night is the deadline for the 60 residents living under the Mulberry Bridge to vacate.

Roughly two weeks ago, the City of Harrisburg ordered those in the encampment to leave, citing violence and a rat infestation. The Mayor’s office called the situation a “public health emergency.”

The Mayor’s office also said that residents would have a “clean and safe” place to go once evicted, but did not disclose the location, citing privacy concerns.

Harrisburg’s Communication Director, Matt Maisel, told ABC 27 News that the city will work with residents who don’t leave by the Sunday deadline, adding that police will “talk” with those left behind. He emphasized no resident would be taken into custody for failing to leave the encampment.

A number of volunteers were at the encampment throughout the weekend helping residents pack their belongings. Christian Churches United said a number of those being evicted are relocating to shelters across the city that are nearing or at capacity.

The city of Harrisburg will hold a press conference at the MLK Jr. City Government Center at 11 a.m. Monday.