(WHTM) — The Environmental Protection Agency is facing a lawsuit, filed on behalf of Pennsylvania, claiming the agency isn’t doing enough to stop smog. abc27 spoke with an environmental expert to learn more.

The same technology that’s been used since 1983, and some say it’s time that changes.

“It is outdated,” said Dr. Mike Meyer, an earth science professor at Harrisburg University.

The Center for Biological Diversity, a conservation group, filed a lawsuit against the EPA, accusing it of dragging its feet on approving a new plan to control smog in Pennsylvania.

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“Things can definitely be upgraded and updated,” Dr. Meyer said.

The group says new methods to capture and limit emissions have emerged in recent decades and Pennsylvania should utilize those tools.

The only problem is the EPA doesn’t require those new methods, and the Center for Biological Diversity claims that causes dangerous smog pollution. And the group is not wrong, the air quality in the Midstate is poor.

“Some of the emissions caused by the fracking process to impact air quality in the state,” said Dr. Meyer. “Part of, a lot of what is missing right now is that actual oversight.”

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The Center for Biological Diversity released a statement saying there is “no plan to control the dangerous emissions,” and that the EPA needs to step up to protect families and wildlife in the Commonwealth.

“Even just getting an actual baseline is probably the quick and cheap step, because it doesn’t require new infrastructure, it just requires people going out and inspecting,” Dr. Meyer said.

abc27 reached out to the EPA for a comment, but they would not provide one citing the pending litigation as the reason.