HARRISBURG, Pa (WHTM) – As the days get colder and shorter, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is sounding the alarm on deer season. They say drivers are more likely to get in an accident because of them during the fall.

“Deer are really prevalent in Pennsylvania, they’re all over the place, even in unexpected areas,” Pennsylvania Turnpike Spokesperson Carl DeFebo said. “There’s just as many deer, maybe even more, in urban areas.”

Debo emphasized that it’s important for drivers to be prepared before hitting the road.

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“One of the things we tell people to look for are areas where there might be a farm on one side of the road and forests on the other side,” DeFebo said. “Lots of times those deer are migrating [then].”

If you think you’re about to hit a deer, the PA Turnpike Commission says swerving is something you should avoid.

“You’re gonna likely swerve into a car and cause a worse crash. You don’t wanna do that,” DeFebo said. “Nobody wants to hit a deer, but you have to remember in those situations you may have a car next to you.”

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If you do hit a deer, DeFebo says the best thing to do is pull off to a wide area on the side of the road.

He emphasized drivers should never leave their vehicle.

If you do hit a deer on the Turnpike, call “*11” to connect with someone from the Turnpike Commission. If you hit a deer anywhere else, call 911.