HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Day 4 of the 2023 Farm Show was jam packed with a lot of exciting events in the New Holland Arena, and even more business vendors still out promoting their products! Here are some of today’s highlights, in case you missed it!

Wildlife Artist, Gerald W. Putt:

Based out of Boiling Springs, Gerald W. Putt has been painting hyper-realistic wildlife landscapes professionally for about 44 years. Putt has won dozens of awards for his wildlife art over the course of his career – some of his limited-edition paintings can even be found inside the homes of some pretty notable people, such as: Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge and Former U.S. President George W. Bush.

According to Putt, over time with practice he grew better at painting; however, painting is a talent that he has had naturally for most of his life.

“It’s a gift ya know, it is something I could always do,” Putt said. “Everybody has some kind of gift, and this is mine.”

Gerald W. Putts one-of-a-kind artwork is currently available for sale at the Farm Show, but you can also check out his artwork on his website at www.geraldputt.com

Painterland Sisters:

Two sisters out of Tioga County are currently set up at the 2023 Farm Show to showcase their unique dairy product, that in only 10 months has found a home on the shelves of over 1,500 stores. Painterland Sisters Organic Yogurt was founded back in March 2022 by two sisters, Haley Painter and Stephanie Painter, who grew up on their family’s now 4th generation dairy farm.

Their goal?

“We want to make our family farm sustainable for generations to come,” Painter said.

The sisters ‘Icelandic’ style of Skyr yogurt is far healthier than many of the big box competitors – with over a billion probiotics, higher protein levels, and very low sugar content in their yogurt products. It should also be noted that the two sisters only use dairy products from their own family’s dairy farm and other neighboring, Pennsylvania based farms as well. If you want to “join the sisterhood” you can check out them out at the Farm Show or visit their website by clicking here.

TBJ Gourmet:

This savory spread is catching the noses, and taste buds, of many visitors at the 2023 Farm Show! Based out of West Chester is TBJ Gourmet‘s spreadable bacon jam! This is TBJ Gourmet’s 2nd appearance at the PA Farm Show – the business was founded about ten years ago. From recipes, rubs, spreads, and more – this is the one-stop-shop for all of your bacon desires! If you are interested in trying this spread or any of TBJ’s delicious products, you can visit them at the Farm Show or visit their website by clicking here.

Pennsylvania Hickory Syrup (Ox Dynasty LLC):

Based out of Mifflintown and going strong for about 13 years is Ox Dynasty’s Pennsylvania Hickory Syrup – owned and operated by Doug Drewes. By collecting the fallen bark of the over 250 Shag Bark Hickory trees on Drewes’ land, he now makes an array of flavored Hickory Syrup flavors – from savory to sweet, you name it, Ox Dynasty has it!

Because the process of making Hickory Syrup consist of simply collecting the fallen bark off of the trees, it is a very sustainable process that doesn’t requires tapping or cutting. Furthermore, Ox Dynasty really doesn’t need a lot of employees since the heavy lifting and pulling of the hickory bark is done by Drewes’ team – hence the name Ox Dynasty.

You can drizzle this syrup on your waffles or pancakes, but you can also use it as a glaze for meats and fish, or use it as a savory, smoked dipping sauce. To check out these savory sweet products you can visit Ox Dynasty at the Farm Show or visit their website at www.pahickorysyrup.com

Mini Horse & Pony Pull:

Some of the greatest things come in the smallest of packages – in this case it’s the mini-horses at the 107th PA Farm Show that were pulling weighted sleds, weighing in at over 2,000 pounds!

After the mini horses were done pulling, the big stallions came in to show their little brothers and sisters up during the Pony Pulling Competition. Though there were multiple divisions of the horse pulling competition, the first division was able to pull upwards of 5,500 pounds. To put that into perspective, that is the weight of two and half average sized pick-up trucks combined!

If you want to see the Pony Pull competitors in action, check out the videos below:

The competitors entering the New Holland Arena
Pony Pull Competition in action!

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