ALLENTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — A Pennsylvania amusement park is receiving a new roller coaster that will be an area’s first.

Dorney Park announced on Thursday that they will be constructing Iron Menace. This coaster will be 160 feet tall, feature four inversions and be 2,200 feet long. The attraction will also feature a beyond vertical drop at 95 degrees.

This coaster is considered to be a dive coaster. These coasters are manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M). They are known for their vertical or beyond vertical first drop. Riders also experience a pause at the top of the drop right before they plummet down to earth.

Courtesy of Dorney Park

These coasters also feature wide trains. According to B&M’s website, the coaster trains can seat six, eight, or ten riders per row, with 3 rows per train.

After its first beyond-vertical drop, the coaster will swoop up into an inversion called the Immelmann. This inversion was named after World War I flying ace Max Immelmann. The inversion features a half loop followed by a half roll on top and will reverse the coaster’s direction of travel.

After the Immelmann, there will be a tall zero-g roll or barrel roll, which will give riders a moment of weightlessness. The coaster will also feature the first tilted loop on a dive coaster. This is essentially a vertical loop that has been tilted on its side. The ride ends with a corkscrew and a left-hand turn into the final brake run.

Iron Menace marks the first new roller coaster to be built at Dorney Park since the opening of Hydra in 2005 and is slated to open in 2024.