HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania judicial candidate was struck by a car and injured while putting out yard signs on Sunday evening, her campaign said Tuesday.

Maria Battista, a Republican running for Pennsylvania’s Superior Court, was hospitalized overnight. Her campaign said she was released Monday after being treated for injuries that included a hairline fracture of her collarbone.

Her campaign did not immediately disclose where the crash occurred or whether anyone was charged.

PennLive first reported on the crash after she did not attend a candidate forum hosted by the publication on Monday.

Battista is running for Superior Court in the Nov. 7 general election. Voters will choose two candidates to serve in the court out of a pool of two Republicans and two Democrats.

She previously served as an assistant district attorney and was counsel for the state’s Health and State departments.

Her campaign said she expects to be back on the campaign trail in a few days.