(WHTM) — Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-Off winners claimed more than $184 million in prizes in October.

The $184,645,441 total in claimed winnings includes one top prize worth $3 million claimed by a winner in Armstrong County, and one top prize worth $1.04 million, $1,000 a week for life annuity, which was claimed by a player in Butler County.

Both the retailer in Armstrong County and the retailer in Butler County earned $10,000 bonuses for selling the winning tickets.

There were also three other top prizes worth $1 million each. These were claimed by players in Erie and Montgomery counties, and Ohio.

The retailers that sold the three $1 million dollar-winning tickets earned $5,000 bonuses for the sale.

Other big prizes that scratch-off winners claimed in Pennsylvania during October included four prizes of $500,000, three prizes of $300,000, five prizes of $200,000, one prize of $150,000, and nine prizes of $100,000.

The full list of Scratch-Off prize winners is listed on the Pennsylvania Lottery’s website. The list does not include prizes of less than $1,000.

Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-Off prizes range from a free ticket to $5 million.