(WHTM) — The American Transportation Research Institute recently announced the results of their annual survey of critical issues in the trucking industry.

Rebecca Oyler, the president and CEO of The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA), said that the price of diesel is a problem.

“I just checked today and the Pennsylvania average is $5.96 a gallon and that’s compared to the national average which $5.31 a gallon. So we are quite a bit higher than the national average and we are 50% higher than we were a year ago at 3.97 so it is definitely a major concern,” said Oyler.

Oyler also said that the demand is still very high, and the supply shortage hasn’t been addressed.

“What we need to do in the long term here is expand domestic drilling, increase our capacity for refineries and to build pipelines that are going to provide the fuel that we really need to support our economy,” said Oyler.

As we are heading into the upcoming holiday season, what can we expect in terms of gas prices?

“This is going to come down to maybe some kinks in the supply chain this year, maybe we will have some shortages of some goods in some stores. We might see, I remember last year we had a couple of empty shelves,” said Oyler.

The Department of Agriculture did suspend the 2% biodiesel fuel requirement to try to increase supply, but that expired in July.