(WHTM) — Pennsylvanians voted with their stomachs after a competition tried to find out the coolest thing made in Pennsylvania. The contest was overtaken by culinary delights!

The Primanti Brothers sandwiches outlasted the field in a march madness-inspired bracket created by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

The Hershey Kiss is iconic, and Yuengling lager is a Pennsylvania staple and America’s oldest brewery, but they are not the coolest things made in the Commonwealth according to the recent bracket challenge.

Zippo lighters and Martin guitars also made the cut, but did not win the title.

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“I think the really cool thing was throughout every round, people said, ‘I didn’t know that was made in Pennsylvania,'” said Luke Bernstein, president of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

Round by round the Pennsylvania products competed for votes on Twitter. The championship match-up was Mrs. T’s Pierogis lost to the meat, cheese, coleslaw, and French fry smushed sandwich from Primanti Bros.

“That’s been the recipe for 90 years. We’ve never veered off from it,” said Greg Dubois, regional vice president of Primanti Bros.

The sandwich has history and it’s got lots of stuff between two slices of bread. It’s both tasty and, back in the day, Pittsburgh-practical.

“So the truckers could have the whole meal in their hand while they’re driving through the city,” Dubois added.

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Philadelphians are no doubt balking that their iconic cheesesteak, which lost in the second round to Martin guitars, didn’t prevail. Other Pa. classics didn’t even make the tournament.

“There was blowback and pushback from everybody which showed you there are so many cool things in Pennsylvania. So we heard, ‘Why is Middleswarth Potato Chips not in?’ No ice cream was in, the next year we got have ice cream,” said Bernstein.

For all the entrants that are not Primanti Brothers, there’s always next year. The chamber promises to double the size of the field from 32 to 64 entrants.