HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – On Sunday, dozens of people gathered in Harrisburg to remember those taken by Hamas.

“I think our community is still grappling with that the pictures on each chair…you’re going to see pictures of 240 mothers, children, grandmothers that were waking up one morning just to live their day having breakfast, most of them, and were taken,” said Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg CEO and President David Cohen.

Spencer Markowitz grew up in Harrisburg, he was in Israel on October 7th the day Hamas attacked.

“I had plans. Like any other day. I was supposed to meet a friend,” said Markowitz.

Markowitz was able to get home a few days later.

On Sunday, he joined the dozens of others at the Harrisburg Jewish Community Center on Front Street, praying for the release of the more than 200 hostages.

“Obviously the tragedy that occurred on October 7th was, you know, very hard to stomach, very terrible…So to see communities like Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you know, come together to take time and address this and respect this and raise money for the effort to get them home is very it’s very great to see,” said Markowitz.

Of those 200 hostages, White House, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says there are 9 Americans still missing after the Hamas attack and that hostage negotiations continue.

“This is terrorism, to take people out of their houses,” said Cumberland County Republican State Representative Sheryl M. Delozier. As the war continues in the Middle East, there are growing calls for a ceasefire. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected that until all the hostages are released.  

“We want everyone to hear as loudly as we can say it that they need to come home,” said Cohen.