(WHTM) — A rare piebald deer was spotted in the Harrisburg area on Friday, March 31.

People often mistake piebald deer with albino deer, but there are several key differences.

Piebald deer have blotches of non-pigmented sections on their bodies but still have the brown eyes and black hooves of a classic white-tail deer. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, piebald deer are reported at rates well under one percent of the deer population.

Albino deer, on the other hand, are completely non-pigmented (white) and have red eyes and pink hooves.

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Albino deer are also incredibly sensitive to sunlight, which causes health issues.

Genetic abnormalities like piebald and albino deer are especially rare because not only is the genetic pool smaller, but the typical brown coat provides camouflage in forests and fields, meaning albino and piebald deer commonly die at young ages.

It is believed that in rare instances piebald deer can breed with “normal” deer, which makes both normal and piebald fawns.

Piebald deer often have other abnormalities other than non-pigmentation, such as dorsal nose bowing, shorter legs, curved spines, turned feet, and malformations of internal organs.