HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Things are changing on the prominent State Street corridor in Harrisburg.

There’s been a lot of discussion about how to do this because there are a lot of opinions.

Mayor Wanda Williams of Harrisburg has weighed in and laid out one thing that is not going to happen at the moment.

Williams says the residents in the Allison Hill neighborhood have been ignored for far too long.

However, bicyclists feel they have been forgotten after plans were abandoned that were approved by her predecessor Eric Papenfuse.

“We didn’t find people in this neighborhood saying we want bike lanes,” Hunt said.

Evelyn Hunt has lived in Allison Hill for 60 years and owns properties there.

She says parking is a huge challenge, especially for those with disabilities.

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“I can’t be getting up, I can’t get up every morning 5 days a week and ride around Allison Hill trying to find a parking space,” Hunt said.

Mayor Wanda Williams says this is one of the city’s most important roads and says families here have been ignored for too long.

“Many of whom reside along State Street many who have lived there for decades and in their homes and their families have lived in those homes for decades not only would that have been needlessly cruel but it would be potentially violating the Americans with disabilities act,” Communications Director with the City of Harrisburg Matt Maisel said.

“You can’t say you’re mayor of the whole city and block off pieces of it,” Brandon Basom with Recycle Bicycle said.

Some don’t agree with the mayor’s comments saying the road is not safe for bicyclists.

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“How many deaths are we going to accept over the next 10 years before we can finally make it safer and again we have been promised these things before and 10 years later we get nothing,” Basom said.

“We don’t have anything against bikers but the problem is we can’t, we shouldn’t be asked to give up our parking for them,” Hunt said.

The mayor’s office says it does want to add bike lanes to State Street just not right away.

“We strongly believe the option that we have moving forward is 100% a safer road than what it is currently what we want to do moving forward is once construction is finished on 83 add in those protected bike lanes while keeping all the parking shrinking the roads,” The City of Harrisburg plans to bring the State Street upgrades to city council in the fall.

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