(WHTM) — Election day is Tuesday, May 16, and campaign ads with questionable claims and uncertain origins are flooding mailboxes.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro put his face on an advertisement for a pivotal State House seat in Delaware County. The special election could decide which party is in power in Harrisburg, but critics say the governor is peddling misinformation.

The two candidates, Heather Boyd (D) and Katie Ford (R), debated on abc27 earlier this month.

Abortion, especially in the Philadelphia suburbs, is a winning issue for Democrats, and they’re not afraid to use it in the upcoming Delaware County state house race.

“Abortion rights are threatened right now in Pennsylvania. Delaware County, I need your help,” Shapiro said in the advertisement run by Democrat Heather Boyd.

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The problem? Shapiro’s claims are not true, Katie Ford insisted in abc27’s recent debate.

“My opponent has just enacted a huge hundred thousand dollar campaign to smear me on this issue. And if you had just asked me on it, I would tell you that, number one, I also believe it’s a woman’s right to choose. I am a mother of a daughter, and I would hope that she would never be in that position,” Ford said. “But guess what? Things happen and women should be allowed to make that decision.”

According to Christopher Nicholas of The Eagle Consulting Group, this is a common strategy.

“So the Democrats are kind of going back to their traditional campaign effort of trying to confuse people on the abortion issue. So it begs the question, why is the governor doing this ad, and when they’re going to take it down?” Nicholas said.

abc27 asked Shapiro about the advertisement, which critics call misleading at best and an outright lie at worst. Shapiro insists Democrats are stronger on abortion rights.

“I believe that that race is going to be an indicator of whether or not we are going to protect our freedoms. And the freedom to make decisions over your body is one of those fundamental freedoms,” Shapiro added.

Democrats worry about Republicans pushing an abortion amendment that Shapiro couldn’t block.

“It is not a lie to say that reproductive rights hang in the balance based on the majority of this chamber. Brian Cutler, who would become the speaker of the house yet again, and has pushed through anti-abortion legislation, would again have the gavel,” said Brittany Crampsie of Brit Crampsie Communications.

Ford insists she wouldn’t be part of any such push.

“Here’s where I’m going to say it: not going to vote for that 100%. And I want that to be heard again. I’m not going to change the current legislation that is in Harrisburg right now. And two, I would vote no for a referendum,” Ford said.

Ford’s words are strong, but Democrats are also uneasy because she is endorsed by the Delaware County Pro-Life Group, which lists Ford as pro-life in a flyer.