BALTIMORE, Md. (WHTM) — “Cranes under a Bridge” sounds like it should be the title to a painting, a photo, or maybe a 19th Century Japanese woodblock print.

Then again…

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) posted this video from March 18 on its Facebook page. It shows three cranes – three very large cranes – passing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which connects the Eastern Shore of Maryland with the Western Shore. (If you’re a dedicated beachgoer, you’ve probably gone over this a few times.)

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Out of an abundance of caution, traffic was stopped over the bridge, as well as the Francis Scott Key Bridge further north, while the cranes passed under. (MDTA also posted a video of the Key Bridge, but it’s kind of shaky.) The closure, according to MDTA, wasn’t so much about the cranes, but “to ensure that drivers are not distracted crossing these bridges during the cranes’ passage beneath the structures.” The video is sped up four times; trust me, they’re not going to move something that big and that heavy that fast.

So where did these cranes come from, and where are they going? These are some of the original cranes that have been used at the Seagirt Marine Terminal (located on the eastern side of the Patapsco River) since the facility opened in 1990. Cranes like these are used to pick up containers (the kind that gets hauled around the highways on tractor-trailers) and set them aboard cargo ships.

A couple of years ago some bigger, heavier, and more powerful cranes arrived at Seagirt. But these three cranes are not being towed away to be scrapped. They are traveling down the Chesapeake Bay, into the Atlantic Ocean, along the eastern seaboard, and ultimately to their new home at the port in Tampa, Florida.

The crane move is just part of a $100 million+ improvement and expansion project for the Seagirt Terminal, with more cranes and improved access for trucks and trains.

Want to see that shaky video of the cranes going under the Key Bridge? Click here.