“You know nobody can take that away there’s nothing there’s nothing better than perfect, so we’ll always have our name there in the history books and as a high school especially that’s something that’s really meaningful and something that means a lot to us,” said Alex Fiorillo, Captain of Spring Grove Rocketry Team.

In Huntsville, Alabama, the spring grove rocketry team won the national altitude award, after launching, 8 feet tall, 27-pound rocket 4,500 feet in the air.

“So that requires some intense thought and a lot of planning and consideration of a lot of different factors especially,” said Alex.

This was the best flight ever in the 23 years of competition because these spring grove students were the first group ever to complete a perfect flight.

“So being able to achieve something like this now is pretty incredible not the football team but I think the support we get is incredible and we’re all very grateful for that and it’s just a very special feeling to be able to go there and achieve something like this with you know as a high school competing against universities,” said Alex.

The competition was steep nearly 800 students from colleges, high schools, and middle schools launched rockets this weekend, it included 50 teams from 21 states and Puerto Rico.

“You look at that and it’s a little bit intimidating to feel like these guys have so much more at their disposal than we do so it is intimidating that way, but you know you still see that difference but it’s all about getting there and showing up and doing your best and not comparing yourself to other people, especially since everyone supportive of each other,” said Alex.

After eight long months of designing, building, and launching their rocket, The Spring Grove students are now winners.