DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – Almost a dozen people were at Detweiler Park on Saturday learning Bushcraft basics. Which are techniques used to survive out in the woods.

“If you’re kind of in the woods and things aren’t going too well for you or you’re just on a day hike, what do you need to kind of prepare for in case you kind of get in that situation?” said Adventures Explorations Co-founder Cody Meassick.

The new class is part of the Dauphin County Parks and Recreation series to get people outdoors.

“And the wellness benefits of being outdoors in nature. And it’s also great because some people may not have had that experience before,” said Dauphin County Parks and Recreation Assistant program manager Nancy Gates.

During the class, people learned how to read a compass.

“To know where you’re at and don’t really fully rely on your cell phone or your cell service. There’s great apps out there like all trails to be able to help you out but don’t rely on this fully,” said Meassick.

Meassick says being near a water source is most important for cooking, putting out a fire, and drinking through a filtered water bottle.

Also, how to tie knots, build a shelter you can sleep under, and how to start a fire and keep it controlled.

“The fire building was a little bit hard to get the fire started, which is actually a good thing because we don’t encourage fires here in our parks. In fact, that’s not normally permitted,” said Gates.

You also want to make sure you have a bear bag tied up in a tree about 10 feet high so bears but more likely mice can’t get to it.

The big thing that Meassick wants people to walk about with is this.

“Is just a kind of passion for the outdoors and being able to respect it. And then just a couple of skills we’d love for people to have a love for knots and have a just a love for doing something and just learning is, is a huge aspect,” said Meassick.

If you missed this class, Gates says they plan to offer another survival class in the Spring.