HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Americans can expect to pay more while heating their homes this winter, according to a report from the United States Energy Information Agency.

Natural gas users can expect to pay roughly 30-percent more this season. Consumers who use electric gas can expect to dish out roughly 10-percent more, and those who rely on propane will likely see their utility bill increase by about five-percent.

“All of those are projected to go up across the Northeast region, not just Pennsylvania,” Patrick Cicero, who works at the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate, said.

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Cicero said the War in Ukraine is a large factor in increasing prices because national gas is priced on international markets.

In an effort to cut down on costs this winter, the Biden Administration announced over $13 billion in assistance.

Roughly a third of that money will go towards the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

“You can get a grant of between 300 and $1,000 to help you pay your home heating bill this winter,” Cicero said. “And that’s if it’s fuel oil, or propane or electricity or natural gas.”

If you don’t qualify for that program, Cicero said other resources are available.

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“Every consumer is entitled to something called budget billing, which spreads the costs out over a 12 month period of time,” Cicero said. “If you happen to fall behind on your bill, independent of income level, every consumer has a right to a payment arrangement, and the length of those payment arrangements depends on your income, but everyone’s entitled to at least six months to spread their bills out.”

To learn more about power and utility bills in Pennsylvania, visit www.papowerswitch.com, or www.pagasswitch.com.