PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — Everyone has their own unique ways of celebrating the holidays. However, most Pennsylvanians can agree on one thing when it comes to the holidays, and that is what the best Christmas cookie is.

Google Trends released data showing what the most searched cookie has been in every state this holiday season.

You may find yourself wondering what the most-searched Christmas cookie in Pennsylvania is. And plot-twist, it isn’t a gingerbread man.

Pennsylvanians found themselves searching for peanut butter blossom cookies the most out of any other holiday cookie, according to Google Trends.

The Google Trends data not only showcased that the peanut butter blossom cookie is a hit in Pennsylvania, but seven other states also found themselves searching for the cookie.

Other unique cookies like kitchen sink cookies, springerle cookies, and hot chocolate cookies, made an appearance.

Here are the most popular cookies in every state, according to Google Trends

  1. Alabama: Polish Christmas cookies
  2. Alaska: Christmas sugar cookies
  3. Arizona: Mexican Christmas cookies
  4. Arkansas: Kitchen sink Christmas cookies
  5. California: Mini Christmas cookies
  6. Colorado: Snowball cookies
  7. Connecticut: Italian Christmas cookies
  8. Delaware: Italian Christmas cookies
  9. Washington, D.C.: Gingerbread cookies
  10. Florida: Christmas butter cookies
  11. Georgia: Gingerbread cookies
  12. Hawaii: Ube Christmas cookies
  13. Idaho: Christmas sugar cookies
  14. Illinois: Christmas bar cookies
  15. Indiana: Mexican Wedding cookies
  16. Iowa: Spritz cookies
  17. Kansas: Hot chocolate cookies
  18. Kentucky: Royal icing Christmas cookies
  19. Louisiana: Gingerbread cookies
  20. Maine: Italian Christmas cookies
  21. Maryland: German Christmas cookies
  22. Massachusetts: Linzer cookies
  23. Michigan: Polish Christmas cookies
  24. Minnesota: Peanut butter blossoms
  25. Mississippi: Gingerbread cookies
  26. Missouri: Red velvet cookies
  27. Montana: Gingerbread cookies
  28. Nebraska: Peanut butter blossoms
  29. Nevada: Peanut butter Christmas cookies
  30. New Hampshire: Candy cane cookies
  31. New Jersey: Italian Christmas cookies
  32. New Mexico: Christmas sugar cookies
  33. New York: Italian Christmas cookies
  34. North Carolina: Moravian cookies
  35. North Dakota: Peanut butter blossoms
  36. Ohio: Peanut butter blossoms
  37. Oklahoma: Mexican Christmas cookies
  38. Oregon: Gingerbread cookies
  39. Pennsylvania: Peanut butter blossoms
  40. Rhode Island: Italian Christmas cookies
  41. South Carolina: Gingerbread cookies
  42. South Dakota: Christmas sugar cookies
  43. Tennessee: Christmas bar cookies
  44. Texas: Springerle cookies
  45. Utah: Candy cane cookies
  46. Vermont: Gingerbread cookies
  47. Virginia: Christmas bar cookies
  48. Washington: Christmas bar cookies
  49. West Virginia: Mexican wedding cookies
  50. Wisconsin: Peanut butter blossoms
  51. Wyoming: Christmas sugar cookies