(WHTM) — The race is on in the Midstate for the 10th Congressional District. The district includes Dauphin County and parts of Cumberland and York Counties.

Republican incumbent Scott Perry is running for reelection. He is being challenged by Democrat and Harrisburg city councilwoman Shamaine Daniels, and a third candidate is looking for votes as well.

Perry, running for a sixth term, said people know who he is.

“They know that I’m honest with them, and that I respect their opinions and their viewpoints and I listen to them and then I do the best that I can with the information that I have,” he said.

Perry listed inflation, energy independence and immigration as key issues.

“The same things that are concerning you are concerning me. Are we going to be able to afford to heat our homes this winter? Are we going to be able to afford to educate our children?” he said.

Running against Perry is Harrisburg city councilwoman Shamaine Daniels. She said she wants the chance to make a bigger impact.

“In the district, people are stressed on so many levels and local municipalities just don’t have the resources or the authority to address many of the things that make life difficult for residents here, so bumping up my ability to be useful and helpful to my neighbors basically,” she said.

Her priorities include immigration, infrastructure and being available to her constituents.

“If people call me with problems, I try to fix it not just for that person but for everyone in the city, and that’s what they can expect of me if I become their representative,” Daniels said.

Independent candidate Steven Long is also taking his shot. He is not on the ballot but is running a write-in campaign.

“People want a new perspective, a new face and I truly believe that the public wants an independent,” Long said.

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Long said his main concerns include the military and the economy. Long, like Perry, has a history in the armed forces.

“I want to lead the American people in the right direction and help America continue to prosper,” he said.

All three candidates talked about ending infighting in Washington and working on bipartisan issues instead.

“I can stop this drama and negative rhetoric,” Long said.

“It is a large body, but there’s so much that could be fixed, so many issues we can address that don’t really need a lot of internal, a lot of divisive bickering,” Daniels said.

Perry said, “We often hear that it’s too divided, you don’t agree on anything, but we do agree on some things.”

While the candidates have different ideas on how address the issues facing their constiutents, they said they want to restore people’s faith in government.

“The American dream is still alive in our country,” Long said.

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Perry explained, “People want to know that their community is safe and secure and their rights are being defended and that their money is spent wisely. These are all core values of mine, they are the focus of my attention in Congress across the board.”

Daniels said, “The US was the model of good government for the world, and I want us to restore that. Our standing in the world has dropped quite a bit since the both Trump administration and the January 6th events.”

In September, abc27’s Dennis Owens hosted a special edition of This Week in Pennsylvania with Perry and Daniels. They spoke about a range of issues facing voters.