Tips to keep produce fresh, longer

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Many people are trying to space out grocery store trips in an effort to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic but if you’re buying fresh produce, it may not last until your next trip.

According to Del Monte Fresh Produce, you can store those items and keep them fresh, longer.

  • Make a plan – Know how long you want the groceries to last and then decide what you need to get.
  • Store it properly – Fruits and vegetables can be stored or frozen to maximize its shelf life.
  • Purchase variety – Some produce to eat now, some that will last.

It is important to know how to best store each individual produce item. For example, avocados should be stored in a cool, dark place in a plastic grocery bag while bananas are better stored in a cool, dark place in a paper bag.

Many fruits and vegetables can be cleaned, cut, and frozen in a zip-top bag to extend freshness and allow for easy meal prep.

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