Tropical Storm Marco and Tropical Storm Laura will be a threat to the Gulf Coast this week, likely starting as early as this morning. Marco has been downgraded to a tropical storm overnight, and its path is stalling as it approaches the coastline meaning a higher threat for localized heavy rain. Although the Florida panhandle is taking some hits early today, the storm will likely steer westward and affect portions of Louisana and Texas later today and through tomorrow and Wednesday. The good news: the storm is not projected to make landfall as a hurricane.

Laura will continue its northwest movement through the Caribbean over the next two days, eventually moving past Cuba by this evening. Once it enters the Gulf of Mexico, it is likely to strengthen and may do so rapidly. Some forecasts get Laura to Category 2 status ahead of landfall. Those, especially along the Texas and Louisiana coasts, need to remain vigilant for back-to-back land-falling tropical systems with about 24-48 hours of each other. Laura could then pivot north and east by late this week bringing some rain to our area. That’s not a given yet though, so stay tuned. We will be monitoring the path of Laura this week and keep you updated!

-Meteorologist Brett Thackara