(WHTM) — Christmas is coming, and our military service members overseas are ready for the holidays.

The “Trees for Troops” program kicked off in York County today. For a total of 17 years, the State Agriculture Department and Pennsylvania Air National Guard have shipped fresh cut trees to servicemen and women who won’t be home for the holidays.

The soldiers greatly appreciated the trees, as it helps to remind them of the holidays back home.

The owner of Strathmeyer Christmas Trees is humbled by the feedback he has received from the troops.

“A common thread is that the smell of the Christmas tree brings back memories of home,” said Gerrit Strathmeyer, the owner of Strathmeyer Trees. “These efforts will lift spirits and bring joy and remind our military members and their families that they service to our nation is important and appreciated.”

Nationally, “Trees for Troops” has shipped more than 270,000 Christmas trees overseas.