(WHTM) — Tuesday’s hometown heroes are sharing the donations raised during a very long walk in Camp Hill.

Earlier this month, Trinity High School Principal John Cominsky walked 100 miles over three days. His recovery from COVID-19 motivated him, and some of the money raised is going into Trinity building projects.

On Tuesday, Cominsky gave a $12,000 check to the pastor at the Saint Francis Soup Kitchen in Harrisburg.

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“There are things I could not anticipate about walking , the heat and some of the physical things, and also the spirit of our community. I hoped it would be a good event, it was better than I could have dreamed,” Cominsky said.

“We provide over 150 meals daily, so most of the money is gonna go to buying food and others probably going to go for repairs we need in the facilities,” said Rev. Manuel Avilés, a St. Francis pastor.

Cominsky says his first teaching job was at the Saint Francis Soup Kitchen, where he taught immigrants to speak English 30 years ago.