Unusual Rescue: Iguana stuck in tree in Huntingdon

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(WHTM) — In Central Pa., we tend to see deer, bears and raccoons, but not iguanas and certainly not reptiles stuck in trees.

A five-foot-long, 30-pound iguana made its way 40-feet up a tree in Mount Union, Huntingdon County. The iguana was found on the street and neighbors penned it inside a metal fence.

Well, the iguana escape and climbed up the tree. It took a reptile expert on top of an extended fire truck ladder to get the iguana down safely.

“It was a very event for the town, an abnormal, unusual occurrence. He was a beautiful, I call him a beast because he looked like a dinosaur very archaic if you what I mean,” Cheryl Mohnie Marino said.

Until its owner is found, the iguana is staying at a reptile rescue where the staff has nicknamed it, Gozilla.

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