HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Urban Churn, a local craft creamery with unique ice cream flavors, is expanding its presence in Pennsylvania.

The creamery featuring unique flavors and ice cream made with natural ingredients will be opening a new location in Carlisle this year. The newest location will open at 248 Westminster Drive, Suite 22 in Carlisle. This will be the third location for the creamery, with two other locations in Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg. Urban Churn is planning to continue to expand.

Urban Churn flavors will also be available for purchase in pints at select Giant Foods stores. You can purchase these pints at the Giant stores located off Linglestown Road and the Carlisle Pike. A total of eight unique flavors will be available for purchase including Smoked Bourbon Vanilla, Honey Lemon Lavender, and Cold Brew Coffee. Pints also are expected to be sold at Wegmans on the Carlisle Pike.

Urban Churn has renovated and opened a commissary in Harrisburg that contains an updated churning facility. They are hoping to increase the production of their ice cream and distribute the ice cream from this location to their shops and retail locations. Urban Churn is hiring new employees, such as drivers, churners, and in-shop team members to help with the expansion.

Retail products will be expanding as well, with unique popsicles (dairy and non-dairy), ice cream cakes, waffle cone chips, and even more.

Urban Churn is offering catering and special celebrations as well.

If you’re interested in visiting one of their shops and trying some of their ice cream, they offer unique flavors such as Sauerkraut, Honey Roasted Crickets, Mayo, and more.