LEBANON, Pa. (WHTM) — Pinchas Shraga Feinberg, 29, has been self-isolating in his Dauphin County home. He was tested for COVID-19 at the Lebanon VA Medical Center Emergency Room.

“I was pretty impressed with how they had the quarantine area in the emergency room. They had different things set up and they put me into a negative pressure room,” said Feinberg.

Feinberg said he was given a swab test for COVID- 19 and sent home after his chest x-ray came back clear.

“They said that I was low risk and they didn’t believe that I had it. They said, either way, I should still be quarantined and home isolating,” said Feinberg.

He self-isolated while he waited for his test results, which came back positive almost a week later.

‘I found out that they outsource it to a lab. They don’t do it in house,” said Feinberg. “Those tests are taking 6 to 7 days to come back.”

Feinberg also responded to reports that a mistake at the Lebanon VA may have exposed other patients and staff to the coronavirus. Sources tell abc27 a patient was taken out of isolation and placed on a medical-surgical floor with the general population before their COVID-19 test results were in. Days later the test came back positive.

“I did see that article,” said Feinberg. “Things happen you know and I think we are all in this together and we are just learning through this as we go and doing the best we can with the information that we have.”

There are no reports of Lebanon staff members testing positive for the coronavirus. Despite repeated requests, the Lebanon VA has not released how many staff members were sent home to self-isolate or if the VA is conducting an internal review of the incident.

Abc27 reached out to AFGE Local 1966, which represents government employees at the Lebanon VA Medical Center. The president said AFGE Local 1996 is currently investigating the incident but had no further comment.