(WHTM) — We are free from the spotted lanternfly, at least for now.

Now is the perfect time to help do your part and slow the spread of the invasive species.

These destructive pests died off with our first freeze; however, before that, they laid plenty of eggs. These egg masses can be found anywhere outdoors.

They are most commonly found on trees, but can also be seen on furniture, rocks, or patios. The egg masses appear as a smear of mud or putty.

If you come across an egg mass, you are provided with a big opportunity to make a difference for next year.

“Scrape it off and make sure that you squish the little row of eggs underneath that protective coating. Every mass you scrape off and kill, that’s 30 to 60 lanternflies we won’t see next spring,” said Shannon Powers, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Spotted lanternflies are very destructive, and although they may look intriguing, they can decimate trees and vines. This leads to damage to the state’s agriculture industry.

Officials say that it is unlikely we’ll completely get rid of spotted lanternflies anytime soon, but destroying the egg masses can help cut down their numbers.