(WHTM) — Thanksgiving and Black Friday are nearly here. Most people consider both days to be an official start of the holiday season. With the holidays, many people also think of winter weather and snowy conditions.

But when was the last time it snowed in Central Pennsylvania on Thanksgiving?

To find the last measurable snowfall, we have to go back over 30 years. According to the National Weather Service out of State College, the last measurable snow in the Harrisburg region occurred on Thanksgiving 1989. This was when 1.2 inches of snow fell.

The maximum snowfall the Harrisburg area received on Thanksgiving in the last 50 years occurred in 1971. That was when 2.8 inches fell on Thanksgiving. That same year also set a record with the most snow on the ground during Thanksgiving, which was six inches.

However, the largest snowfall on record in Harrisburg occurred in 1938. National Weather Service data shows that 6.8 inches of snow was recorded on Thanksgiving Day back in 1938.

Since records started being kept back in 1888, there have been 21 Thanksgiving holidays where a trace or more of snow was measured.

Fast forward to 2023, and the abc27 Weather Team does not expect any snow.  They say that Thanksgiving Day will be dry and seasonable with highs in the lower 50s.