(WHTM) — If you have dogs, you’re probably familiar with the wide-eyed, adorable look they make when hoping to get a bite of your dinner. So if you or someone at your Thanksgiving dinner table decides to give in, it’s important to know which foods are safe for your furry friends and which are better to enjoy yourself.

Foods you can give to your dog

According to the American Kennel Club, turkey meat, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are all safe for your dog to eat, under certain conditions.

Turkey meat

If you decide to give your dog turkey meat, make sure it hasn’t been prepared with seasoning. Additionally, dogs can only have the meat, not the skin or the bones.

Skin is likely to be fatty and covered in butter or oil, which the AKC explains poses a risk of digestive issues for your dog. Bones pose a number of health issues and can even be deadly for a few reasons. They can splinter and cut your dog, they can also get caught in your dog’s throat posing a choking hazard, or get caught in the small intestine.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be a good source of fiber for your dog, according to the AKC as long as they are plain and free from added ingredients. According to the AKC, things like brown sugar, marshmallows, or maple syrup can be dangerous when given to your dog.


Pure pumpkin puree is a great choice if you want to give your dog a treat. According to the AKC, pumpkin is good for dogs digestion and for their skin and coat. Just be careful that the pumpkin isn’t pre-spiced or in a sugary-mix, like in pumpkin pie.

Other foods like plain peas, plain green beans and apples are also acceptable to give to your dog, according to the AKC.

Foods to never give to your dog

In general, a good rule to follow is to avoid giving anything spiced, fatty, salty, or sugary to your dog. The AKC also provides the following list of food that you should never give to your dog.

  • Turkey bones, skin, and gravy
  • Stuffing
  • Casseroles
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Creamed peas
  • Chocolate, cookies, pies, and sweets (including anything “sugar-free” or containing xylitol, which can be fatal for dogs)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Raisins and grapes
  • Onions, scallions, and garlic
  • Ham
  • Yeast dough
  • Fatty foods
  • Foods containing spices

To learn more about what foods can and can’t be given to your dog, visit the AKC website.