YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – The York City Police Department has joined the Neighbors app, which allows users to share pictures, videos, and tips related to local crime and safety in the area.

York City Police say the platform will allow them to see what local residents are posting about and can “chime-in” with relevant updates or safety alerts.

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Detective Frank Clark with the York City Police Department says investigations for anything from a rock thrown at a vehicle to a homicide can be helped through this program, which can allow users to be anonymous.

“If we see someone putting out a camera for us to review, we don’t know who they are. There’s no name attached to it or addresses. It just gives a general area of where the camera might be.”

Karan Purnell, who just moved to the area, says he thinks the Neighbors app is a great idea.

“Nowadays you need it,” said Purnell. “Maybe it’ll help take care of some crime situations.”

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York City Police Captain Daniel Lentz says officers are learning of incidents they may not be aware of or were never reported.

“We’d rather have too much information than not enough,” said Lentz.

Residents do not need a Ring device to join, as anyone with a smartphone can download the Neighbors App for free in order to receive updates and have the option to post photos or videos from any device.