YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Brody and Brandon Cain made a big impact on the York College campus when they created a student-run EMS in 2021.

“Our first year there was a student in our dorm, that was she had like a knee injury a leg injury or something and how long did it take the ambulance to get there? Like 15-20 minutes,” said Brandon.

To improve response time on campus Brandon and Brody created on the on-campus EMS team.

“In March of 2021, we went in services as a licensed CQRS agency here in PA, and then after that we got a provisional content sponsor license,” said Brody.

It’s free for students and faculty…”the students have the same certifications that you would you would expect from people that call 911 off campus with the EMTs that are on the ambulance, we have the same training as them.”

And parents are more than impressed.

“I’ve heard from a lot of mostly parents that have said, you know, this is really reassuring because now we have an emergency service agency here on campus that can not only respond to the calls, but they can provide care and say, if they don’t need an ambulance or if it’s just going to be a refusal, then we can do that refusal, they won’t get the bill from the ambulance,” said Brody.

Both have continued to serve as officers for York College EMS through their college experience and both have the same plans for the future, go to medical school in the Fall of 2024.

The similarities continue, Brody and Brandon are identical twins with about identical interests.

Both brothers conducted biochemical research alongside Associate Professor of Biology Jeffrey Thompson and taught an EMS course to other YCP students.

Brody works as an EMT in the area surrounding the campus. Brandon’s YCP experience has included serving on Student Senate and as an Orientation Leader.

He also served as a lab assistant for two courses and was inducted into the Tri Beta Biological Honor Society in the Spring of 2022.