YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Hazardous materials incidents are, by their nature, dangerous, but the York County Hazmat team is looking for more people willing to do the work to clean them up. York County Emergency Management is holding a training session this weekend.

“Any vehicle accident involving hazardous materials, tanker trucks, or any type of fire at a hazmat facility, we’ll respond,” said Daniel Santoemma, Chief of York County Hazmat.

Santoemma says hazmat seems to be a hot topic right now after a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials derailed in Ohio.

“Since East Palestine, we’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about train activity through York County,” said Santoemma.

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There are 25 hazmat members made up of firefighters across the county, and many of them are volunteers.

“This weekend is the beginning of our 40-hour training session for a York County Hazmat Technician,” said Ted Czech, the Public Information Officer with York County Emergency Management.

“We’d always love to have additional staffing just because you have those days a volunteer might be working, not able to assist, so the more people we can get on and get trained is going to better assist us in response,” said Santoemma.