(WHTM) – A York County native and his family are experiencing the devastating wildfires in Hawaii firsthand.

A husband and father of two teenagers, Harry Devery has lived on the Island of Maui for 25 years. He moved to the Aloha State from Delta, Pennsylvania at the age of 18.

For Devery, Hawaii is home, but the catastrophic wildfires that swept the state has taken an emotional toll on him.

Fortunately, he and his family are safe, but Devery knows dozens of others who have lost everything, including his brother, who fled the island with his family.

“He tried to go out one street and there was literally fire raining,” Devery said. “They were driving under power lines that were potentially live. He has three small children, and they were in the car with him. [He was] driving like mad to save their lives.”

Devery’s good friend was also forced to escape after the wildfires took over his home.

“He was sitting watching TV in his living room, nd next thing you know, his window started just shattering because of the intense heat outside,” Devery recalled.

Their stories, unfortunately, are not unique. Thousands across the island have been devastated by the flames. At times, many had to literally run for their lives.

“People were just hopping the break wall, jumping into the water so they could run from fire,” Devery said.

Even though Devery is living through the devastation, he’s doing everything in his power to help his fellow Hawaiians. He’s worked to feel the homeless and collect donations that go directly to wildfire victims.

“Whatever we can do to help,” Devery said. “This is going to be a long race. It’s going to be years and years before the town can come back.”