PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — September is National Preparedness Month. In Pennsylvania, September can bring significant rainfall and flooding from tropical systems moving through the area. The Pennsylvania State Police offers these safety tips to help you be better prepared for the next weather event.

Let’s start with alerts on your phone. Be sure your wireless emergency alerts are enabled and remember to sign up for local weather notifications by downloading your favorite local weather app. These important alerts can warn you of emergencies and severe storms.

Always create a family emergency plan so that your loved ones know where to go in an unexpected situation and who to contact during an event.

Don’t forget about those insurance policies! Check to see if your plans are up-to-date to best suit your family’s needs.

Remember, if you are traveling this time of year, be aware of wet and slippery roads. Falling leaves have the potential to make for slick roadways, so use extra caution. And, don’t forget to turn on your headlights during inclement weather, including rain and fog.

A final reminder we all need to remember when encountering water on a roadway:

  • 6 inches of fast-moving water can knock over and carry away an adult;
  • 12 inches of fast-moving water can carry away cars;
  • 18-24 inches of fast-moving water can carry away SUVs, trucks, and vans.

If you see water on a road, don’t risk it! Turn Around, Don’t Drown! These simple tips can help you and your loved ones are better prepared and help keep everyone safe.