Litter has been and continues to be a problem along Midstate roadways. That one piece of trash tossed out a window by each careless traveler becomes the unsightly mess cluttering our scenic roadsides.

Corporal Brent Miller of the Pennsylvania State Police offers this warning to drivers.

“Every registered driver in Pennsylvania is required to sign their registration card. But, before signing it, did you read the fine print? The card specifically includes the litter laws and reminds every driver of their responsibility under the law,” said Corporal Miller. “When you sign your registration card, you acknowledge the litter laws and make a commitment to refrain from littering.

Over the last two years, troopers have issued over 2,200 citations and over 900 warnings just for littering.

“Littering fines in Pennsylvania range from $300 to $900 and sometimes those fines are doubled.” Plus, if you are convicted of littering you could also be sentenced to pick up litter for eight to 80 hours depending on the number of prior convictions,” added Corporal Miller.

Everyone can do their part to help keep Pennsylvania beautiful by not littering. If you want to get involved in helping to pick up Pa., additional information can be found on the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania website