(WHTM) — The winter months are here again and that means snow and ice on the roads. During winter, road conditions can change in an instant. The Pennsylvania State Police offer these tips to help you navigate winter driving.

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First, create and keep a winter emergency travel kit in your vehicle. Stock a small container with the following: jumper cables, a coat and blanket, a first aid kit, flashlight, cell phone charger, food and water, an ice scraper, and emergency flares.

Before hitting the road, remove snow and ice from your vehicle. It is also important to fill up your gas tank, especially if winter weather is in the forecast.

When traveling, know what to do if you encounter a snow squall or whiteout condition. Slow down, stay in your lane, and increase your following distance. Also, turn on your defroster, wipers, and headlights.

Finally, don’t crowd a snowplow. If you find yourself following one, be sure to leave a reasonable amount of space and use caution.

Being prepared this winter travel season is essential to your safety. Check 511PA.com or download the 511PA app for the most up-to-date information on road conditions in your area.