CARLISLE, Pa (WHTM) — Mechanicsburg native Thomas Spahr was commissioned into the United States military back in 1997.

Over the years, Col. Spahr has completed four tours in Afghanistan and even completed work in Kabul. Spahr says it’s heartbreaking to hear the horrific details of what’s currently taking place.

“Well it’s a sad situation, particularly for the Afghans and for the Marines that were killed,” Col. Spahr said.

Spahr says the job our troops have in Afghanistan is a high-risk operation and believes the very best are making the ultimate sacrifice.

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“I admire what they are doing, and I know they will continue to do whatever they can in honor of our country and the Afghans we served with,” Spahr said.

At the United States Army War College, Spahr teaches the Military Strategy and Campaigning course. He tells his students & soldiers as new developments and information come forward about what’s taking place in Afghanistan evacuations, to think critically.

We did our best, in there, and we served courageously we served with a high level of confidence and we accomplished our strategic objectives in Afghanistan we’re sad in particularly for those who lost lives over the 20 years and have sacrificed,” Col. Spahr said.

And to keep your head held high and don’t forget about the ones who risked it all, along with their families.

“So they’re in our thoughts and prayers they should know that we are proud of them, all our soldiers we’ve lost, as I said I’ve lost several friends and they did their mission and we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers,” Col. Spahr said.

Our abc27 News team also asked Colonel Spahr if he could see himself going back to Afghanistan, he said that’s not up to him. However, he says if he’s called to do so he will be ready.