(WHTM) — Amtrak pledged to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its network by 2045, the company announced Thursday. Amtrak says it will begin by increasing energy efficiency, then implement renewable fuels and energy.

The company says it will achieve 100% carbon-free electricity by focusing on upgrading energy efficiency and then gradually meeting its remaining needs through renewable energy generation and power purchase agreements. It also says it will reduce its use of diesel fuel by utilizing research in fuel cells, hydrogen, batteries, and other zero-emission technology.

“Not only are trains convenient and comfortable, they are also one of the most sustainable
modes of transportation,” Amtrak CEO Stephen Gardner said in a release. “With new equipment,
modernized stations and net zero emissions, Amtrak can lead the drive toward sustainable
transportation throughout the nation.”

Funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will help support Amtrak’s goal. They will be used to help the company acquire a more sustainable fleet, make improvements to other older technology, and expand to provide more low-carbon alternatives for travelers who may otherwise drive or fly, Amtrak says.

In Pennsylvania, Amtrak’s Keystone Service provides trips between Harrisburg and Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvanian provides trips between Pittsburgh and New York City with stops in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, according to Amtrak’s website.