Rutters COVID-19 Statement

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Dear Rutter’s Customers:

Today, our great country is faced with the many challenges brought about by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please know that the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.  Our family has been in the food industry for 273 years and weathered many storms with the our amazing team. 

Because our Stores and Dairy have both been defined as critical food and fuel infrastructures, our team will proudly do our best to stay open and provide important services.  We are in constant communication with our stores to evaluate the impact of the virus in all of our communities, so that we can continue to operate safely and effectively. The Rutter’s team and our dedicated suppliers take this responsibility very seriously.

Please know that we have a firm commitment to the health and safety of our customers and team members, who are the heart and soul of our family business. These great employees are responsible for continuing to enact our stringent safety standards by cleaning high touch surfaces, such as: food kiosks, fuel pumps, door handles, credit card machines, ATMs and cash registers. To further help combat the virus, we have installed additional hand sanitizer stations throughout our stores for employee and customer use.

We are advising all team members to take extra precautions and asking them to stay home if they are ill or need to take care of a family member. We also understand that the U.S. Senate has approved additional sick and family leave requirements for certain employers which is headed to the President’s desk for signature. We expect in the coming days we will be better able to understand the best possible options we can extend to our employees and their families. 

Furthermore, we have been following guidance of various local, state and national officials on how to continue appropriately managing our businesses during this period. As an example, we have closed our restaurant seating areas to comply with the current directives. Please understand that our businesses will continue to adapt to any change in directives.

Our customers and the communities we serve, are our biggest supporters and we thank all of you, along with our team members, for your continued support. We send thoughts and well wishes to all, as we continue to navigate during this difficult time. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our customer care line at 1(800) 964-5735.


Scott Hartman
President & CEO

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