UNION COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The former Country Cupboard Restaurant and Gift Shops located along Route 15 in Lewisburg is set to be demolished starting Oct. 11.

Country Cupboard Restaurant and Gift Shops was opened in 1973 by Dan Baylor. It started off as a small farmers market, restaurant, and gift shop. Since then, the business has expanded into much more and has become a travel destination for many.

Before its permanent closure, Country Cupboard had a large gift shop filled with clothes, candy, toys, food, and seasonal decor. The campus also had a restaurant, featuring a breakfast buffet, perfect for family gatherings and events.

There is also a Best Western Plus Country Cupboard Inn, Country Inn and Suites, as well as Matty’s Sporthouse Grill, however these currently continue to remain opened.

On the Country Cupboard’s Facebook page, owner Dan Baylor said that the restaurant was closing mostly due to economic factors. He stated that the cost of food is going up and that the pandemic played a role in keeping employees.

“There isn’t one factor that led to our family’s decision to close Country Cupboard – there are many reasons why we are announcing this sad news. Yes, food costs have skyrocketed. Yes, it’s extremely difficult to hire and keep employees in today’s job market and yes, restrictions from the pandemic made it incredibly difficult to serve our customers. The truth is we could see this coming – but all of those mitigating factors brought us to this day, much earlier than expected,” said Dan Baylor in a Facebook post to Country Cupboard’s page.

The land that Country Cupboard is currently on will be utilized by Evangelical Community Hospital. The hospital announced in a press release that beginning on Oct. 11, demolition of the former Country Cupboard will begin.

“We understand and fully respect the sentimental value the building associated with the Country Cupboard holds for many in the community,” said Kendra Aucker, President and CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital.

“As we assessed the property, it became clear the aging structure would have required substantial improvements in order to make it viable for any future use.”

The demolition is going to occur in phases so the utilities between the hotels and Matty’s Sporthouse Grill can be rerouted. The buildings will be demolished in Phase 1, and the concrete slabs and foundations will be demolished in Phase 2. Phase 2 won’t start until the utilities have been rerouted, which will be in December.

At this time, Evangelical Community Hospital doesn’t have any plans for what will replace Country Cupboard.