FBI warns of scam targeting grandparents; back around with a new, intense twist


(WHTM) — The FBI is warning people about an intense new twist on a common scam targeting grandparents. The bureau says the callers are targeting the elderly by pretending to be their grandchild or other family members.

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The scammer, posing as a relative, says they have been charged with a DUI or another crime and they need bail money. This scam itself is not new. but now they are taking it even further.

According to the FBI, the scammers then show up in person to the grandparent’s home to try and collect money in person.

“Set some protocols that you don’t believe it if you don’t hear it from me without some verification or to contact so and so if you can’t get a hold of me because unfortunately, they are going to be more trusting,” John Sancenito, a security expert at INA, said.

The FBI says, last year, grandparents were ripped off to the tune of $280 million with this kind of scheme.

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